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Cutie Pie


Tere vargi na pind vich dooji
Punjabi koi chick mahiya
Kyu tu khidki te baithi sharmaye
Varande utte dikh mahiya

There is no one like you in the village
No other Punjabi damsel like you, m’dear
Why do you sit shyly over the window
Come down into the courtyard, m’dear


Aave re hichki


Link to the song:

Meaning & Context:

This one is about hiccups. In Rajasthan, and perhaps in many other parts of India, it is said that if you have hiccups, someone is missing you. There’s an old Rajasthani folk song about a woman who gets hiccups when her husband is traveling for work. She hasn’t heard from him in a while and she is yearning for him and now that she has the hiccups she knows that he’s missing her too…

Inspired from this folk song, Gulzar has penned original lyrics in his quintessential style for the movie, Mirzya. The story is about two lovers who were separated in childhood but have never really forgotten each other. Every now and then, old memories pop up like a hiccup, and now even more so when they are reunited but cannot express anything to each other.

The song evokes familiar imagery from desert folk songs like the dry kikar tree by the dry pond which mirrors the state of heart of the lonely lover. Nothing can appease the burning heart except the lover’s embrace, not even the pouring rain of shravana.

But, even though these images are so sad and melancholic, the music is not so. The music is rather upbeat. It’s a song which says ‘sweet remembrance’. Actually, it brings to mind the mood when friends and relatives would tease the wife when she would get the hiccups and she would giggle and cover her face abashedly.

It’s a song which has a melancholic core but a sweet exterior, and perhaps that’s also the state of lonely lovers. Hic! 🙂

Lyrics to the song:

Nidra mein kisne yaad kiyo re
Jagaaye saari raina re
Piya jagaave… jiya jagaave.. diya jagaave re…

Aave re hichki, aave re hichki, aave re hichki… hich!

Sandesa aayo na… chithiya bhijaayi
Saavan mein sookhe naina re….
Talaiyya sookhi, kikhar sookha, bheetar sookha re….

Aave re hichki, aave re hichki, aave re hichki…

Dhoop mundere chadh gayo dhola
Jal gayo saari chhaav re
Aangan paar karu mai kaise
Talve jale mere paanv ke

Talaiyya sookhi, kikhar sookha, bheetar sookha re….

Aave re hichki, aave re hichki, aave re hichki…

O meri janiya re
Shaam dhale jo chand chadhe to
Phir na rulaiyo re

O meri janiya re
Meri jaan ki saugandh hai
Yaad na aaiyo re…

Piya jagaave… jiya jagaave.. diya jagaave re…

Aave re hichki, aave re hichki, aave re hichki…

Janiya o janiya…
Man tarse… ghan barse…
Badri sunay na re…


Line by line translation:

Who is it that remembers me as I sleep?
Who keeps me awake all night?
The lover.. the heart.. the earthen lamp keeps me awake…

It’s giving me hiccups… giving me hiccups… giving me hiccups… hic!

No news has come.. I’ve sent him a letter
My eyes are parched in pouring rain…
The pond is dry, kikar tree is dry, I’m patched inside…

It’s giving me hiccups… giving me hiccups… giving me hiccups…

The sun is over the parapet, my love
The shade is ablaze
How do I cross the courtyard
Soles of my feet will get burnt

The pond is dry, kikar tree is dry, I’m patched inside…

It’s giving me hiccups… giving me hiccups… giving me hiccups…

O my love, my life…
When the moon rises at nightfall
Don’t make my cry again

O my love, my life…
Promise over my life
Don’t come in my thoughts

It’s giving me hiccups… giving me hiccups… giving me hiccups…

My love, my life….
Heart yearns… Clouds pour…
Clouds don’t listen to me…


Haider – Kashmiri Love Song


Link to the song:

Lyrics to the song:

Baetti naaye, dooryei
Chuon zaraay baalmara-e-yo

Kya kar hove tham
Zar-zaro, baalmara-e-yo

Sharmand karthaas aftaabo
Kaymi haal yi zoon

Khand chaini ghach so
Lajj so daraeye


Line by line translation:

I too am far from you
I am your soul mate
Oh my beloved

What should I do now
(you have shown me) each & everything
Oh my beloved

You have embarrassed me, O my light
You don’t know what I am going through

Your pieces, I cherish them
Waiting for you on my door
Oh my beloved

Lyrics and translations taken from: BollyMeaning



Meaning & Context:

Jhelum flows through mountains and valleys that are now divided. Enemies by birth, India and Pakistan share the river, for the course of its waters cannot be separated by human obstinacy. It flows through enemy lines unabated, in all its strength and grandeur, yet it seems to be now carrying within its waters the sorrows of a million hearts who have suffered on its shores.

It seems to be looking for its shore, a shore that it can call its own, which is not under the shadow of conflict. When will the war stop? When will there be peace? Jhelum seems to be asking the men on both sides.

Capturing these feelings is a song from the film Haider. The words by Gulzar and the haunting composition by Vishal Bharadwaj bring out the profound grief of the people of Kashmir, the city at the heart of the conflict. The song captures melancholy that has settled upon the valley like a thick sheet of snow.

I felt the opening lines of the song were deeply connected with the condition of the people of Kashmir. They seemed like lines that a lone boatman would hum rowing his boat over Jhelum from one shore to another. And so, I put them here.

They are saying that Jhelum, like a lost child, is looking for the right shore. The eyes that see the sun set in its waters fill it with their tears. The sweet water of the river is now saline. Jhelum is now a stream of sorrow.

Link to the song:

Lyrics to the song:

Jhelum… Jhelum… dhoondhe kinara
Jhelum… Jhelum… dhoondhe kinara

Dooba suraj kin aankhon mein
Suraj dooba kin aankhon mein
Jhelum hua khara…


Jhelum… Jhelum… searches its side
Jhelum… Jhelum… searches its side

In whose eyes does the sun set
The sun sets in whose eyes
That Jhelum turns saline



Hulla re!

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Hulla Re!!

Dulhan to matching dulha re
Hai saadi akhan de taare

Nagade sang shehnai‎ shehnai‎ pee pee baaje re
Mohalle saj gaye ne… saj gaye ne…
Saj gaye ne chaubare…

Jiya laage na


Meaning and Context:

They were once happy. Their life was complete, full of love. Then the picture was broken, they fell apart, for no fault of their own. Life wronged them and they knew not what to do. He, in his helpless bitterness, blamed her. She failed to understand why. She only needed him to come back to her and help her through the pain. But he was already far away, looking for an answer, for something that can mend his broken heart, never knowing that what he was seeking was within him.

This song from the film Talaash brings out the state of the two hearts who are the protagonists of its story. It has a hue of folk in its lyrics and its overall feeling though the composition is very techno. I find the fusion quite interesting, especially the powerful singing which manages to preserve the folk in the words.

Link to the song:

Lyrics to the song:

Man tera jo rog hai, mohe samajh na aaye
Paas hai jo sab chhod ke door ko paas bulaaye

Jiya laage na tum bin mora…

Kya jaane kyun hai
Kya jaane kaisi andekhi si dor
Jo khenchti hai, jo le chali hai
Ab yun mujhe teri ore

Ho…. Main anjaani
Hoon wo kahaani hogi na jo poori
Paas aaoge to paaoge
Phir bhi hai ek doori

Jiya laage na tum bin mora…

Man ab tak jo boojh na paya
Tum wo pehali ho
Koi na jaane kya wo rahas hai
Jiski saheli ho

Main muskau, sabse chupau
Byakul hu din-rain
Kab se na aayi naino mein nindiya
Man me na aaya chain

Jiya laage na tum bin mora…

Line by line translation:

That which ails your heart, I don’t understand
Leaving all that’s near, (you) summon near what’s far away

Without you my heart is restless…

I know not why
I know not how is this unseen cord
That pulls, that now takes (me)
Now towards you

Oh.. I am the unknown
The story which will not complete
Coming near (me) you shall find
That there is still distance (between us)

Without you my heart is restless…

That which the heart hasn’t solved yet
You are that riddle
No one knows what that secret is
Whose friend you are

I smile, hide from everyone
Im restless day and night
Since when has sleep not come to (my) eyes
Peace has not entered my heart

Without you my heart is restless…



Munjho takht chadayo heer


Link to the song:

Meaning & Context:

The story of Highway takes one through many diverse regions of the north. The story is interspersed with songs from many of these regions, with a great mix of folk melodies and very distinctive regional lyrics. We have the sweet Heera that invokes the pahadi melodies, and the unabashed Patakha Guddi from Punjab. There is another small song which is heard in the film but is, for some reason, not listed on the soundtrack. I had been looking for it ever since I saw the film and some blessed soul has put it on Youtube. So here it is!

It is performed by the Manganiyar musicians of Rajasthan, Saawan Khan and his friends, and it is a traditional Sindhi folk song. It is full of the mystical spiritualism and a distinctive melancholy of the north-western desserts. It is written in the Sufi tradition of poetry and is saying that God took away the powers I was so proud of and made me a faqeer, a mendicant.

I am grateful to the readers of the blog who have contributed some lyrics of the song along with the line by line meaning. This is what this blog is about! Thank you so much contributors: Vineet and Himanshu!

Lyrics and translation:

Cha harno achii, cha kharno achi….(rest of the line missing)
What do you take, what do you bring?

Harnoo acha damm, kharno acha kadam
Taking a breath in every step that I take

Zabaan chawey la illah ha illiallah jadey chap chawan Muhummad ur rasool al Allah
My tongue says God is One, my lips say Muhummad is his Prophet

Mukhey takht chadayo heer, taqdeer banayo faqeer
My love made me leave my throne, my fate made me a beggar