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Haider – Kashmiri Love Song

October 3, 2014


Link to the song:

Lyrics to the song:

Baetti naaye, dooryei
Chuon zaraay baalmara-e-yo

Kya kar hove tham
Zar-zaro, baalmara-e-yo

Sharmand karthaas aftaabo
Kaymi haal yi zoon

Khand chaini ghach so
Lajj so daraeye


Line by line translation:

I too am far from you
I am your soul mate
Oh my beloved

What should I do now
(you have shown me) each & everything
Oh my beloved

You have embarrassed me, O my light
You don’t know what I am going through

Your pieces, I cherish them
Waiting for you on my door
Oh my beloved

Lyrics and translations taken from: BollyMeaning

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