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Jiya laage na

May 3, 2014


Meaning and Context:

They were once happy. Their life was complete, full of love. Then the picture was broken, they fell apart, for no fault of their own. Life wronged them and they knew not what to do. He, in his helpless bitterness, blamed her. She failed to understand why. She only needed him to come back to her and help her through the pain. But he was already far away, looking for an answer, for something that can mend his broken heart, never knowing that what he was seeking was within him.

This song from the film Talaash brings out the state of the two hearts who are the protagonists of its story. It has a hue of folk in its lyrics and its overall feeling though the composition is very techno. I find the fusion quite interesting, especially the powerful singing which manages to preserve the folk in the words.

Link to the song:

Lyrics to the song:

Man tera jo rog hai, mohe samajh na aaye
Paas hai jo sab chhod ke door ko paas bulaaye

Jiya laage na tum bin mora…

Kya jaane kyun hai
Kya jaane kaisi andekhi si dor
Jo khenchti hai, jo le chali hai
Ab yun mujhe teri ore

Ho…. Main anjaani
Hoon wo kahaani hogi na jo poori
Paas aaoge to paaoge
Phir bhi hai ek doori

Jiya laage na tum bin mora…

Man ab tak jo boojh na paya
Tum wo pehali ho
Koi na jaane kya wo rahas hai
Jiski saheli ho

Main muskau, sabse chupau
Byakul hu din-rain
Kab se na aayi naino mein nindiya
Man me na aaya chain

Jiya laage na tum bin mora…

Line by line translation:

That which ails your heart, I don’t understand
Leaving all that’s near, (you) summon near what’s far away

Without you my heart is restless…

I know not why
I know not how is this unseen cord
That pulls, that now takes (me)
Now towards you

Oh.. I am the unknown
The story which will not complete
Coming near (me) you shall find
That there is still distance (between us)

Without you my heart is restless…

That which the heart hasn’t solved yet
You are that riddle
No one knows what that secret is
Whose friend you are

I smile, hide from everyone
Im restless day and night
Since when has sleep not come to (my) eyes
Peace has not entered my heart

Without you my heart is restless…




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