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Patakha Guddi

April 25, 2014


Meaning & Context:

Punjab is a land of strength. It is a land of fighters and warriors, who took pride in fighting for the Right. Inspired by the spirit of Punjab, this song celebrates the strength of the woman. She has come a long way from a dark past yet the shadows seem to haunt her. The world is a heartless, cruel place. It doesn’t let her live, to be. She must fight every day for her freedom.

The song tries to fill her up with fearlessness. The song is such a high-spirited, explosive piece that it seems to transmit a dose of strength in one’s veins through its words. It reeks of fearlessness, of unabashed irreverence. It goads her to go as far as she wants, to stretch the limits till they give in.

Link to the song:

The Lyrics:

Mitthe paan di gillori
Lattha suit da Lahori
Fatte maar di billauri

Jugni, mel-mel ke, kud-phaand ke
Chakk chakaute jaave

Maula tera maali
O Hariyaali jungle waali
Tu de har gaali pe taali
Uski kadam-kadam rakhwaali

Ainwai lok-laaj ki soch-soch ke
Kyun hai aafat daali?
Tu le naam Raab da, naam Sai da
Ali, Ali, Ali, Ali…

Sharf khuda ka, Zarf khuda ka
Ali, Ali, Ali, Ali…
Ali ho.. Ali ho.. Chali o.. re chali chali..chali ho..
Ali, Ali teri gali, wo to chali..

O jugni o! Patakha Guddi o!
Nashe mein udi jaaye re, haaye re..
Sajje khabbe dhabbe killi o!

Maine to tere, tere utte chhadiyaan doriyan
Maine to tere, tere utte chhadiyaan doriyan

Tu to paak rab ka banka baccha, raj-dulara tu hi
Paak rab ka baanka bachcha, uska pyara tu hi
Maalik ne jo chinta di to, door karega wohi

Naam Ali ka leke tu to…
Naach le gali gali..Le naam Ali, Ali..
Ali o.. Ali o…

Jugni rukh peepal da hoi
Jis nu pooje ta har koi
Jisdi phasal kisi na boyi
Ghar vi rakh sake na koi

Rasta naap rahi marjaani
Patthi baarish da hai paani
Jab nazdeek jahaan de aani
Jugni maili si ho jaani

Tu le naam Rab da, Ali, Ali
Jhall Khaleran challi
Naam rab da Ali, Ali
Har darawaza Ali…

Sai Re.. Sai Re..
Maine to tere, tere utte chadiyaan doriyan…

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Line by line translation:

A bite of sweet paan
A length of Lahori dress
A frolicking kitten

The firefly (like girl), relaying, jumping, diving
Going all over instantly

The almighty is your gardener
O greenery of wilderness
To every swear you give a hi5
(He) protects her at every step

Needlessly thinking about society
Why should (you) hold any doubts?
You take the name of lord, the name of God,
Ali, Ali, Ali, Ali…

The greatness of God, wisdom of God
Ali, Ali, Ali, Ali…
Ali ho.. Ali ho..She goes…there she goes…
Ali, Ali your way… she goes…

O firefly! O firecracker doll!
Intoxicated she goes flying, haaye re..
All over the place!

I have unto you (my lord), unto you left the strings (of my life)
I have unto you (my lord), unto you left the strings (of my life)

You are the good child of the pure lord, royally-adored are you
Good child of the pure lord, his loved one are you
Lord gave you worries, he only will remove them

Taking His name you…
Dance in every alley.. Take the name Ali, Ali…
Ali o.. Ali o…

The firefly (like girl) has taken after the Peepal
Who is worshipped by all
Whose harvest was never sown
Which no one can keep at home

She is pacing the long road
The water of rains the girl is
When she comes close
The firefly girl seems to get tainted

You take the name of lord, Ali, Ali
She goes frolicking
The name of lord is Ali, Ali
Every door (leads to) Ali…

Oh God… Oh God…
I have unto you (my lord), unto you left the strings (of my life)



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