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April 24, 2014


Meaning & Context:

The heart of a woman is beautiful. It holds in its depths her pure innocence, her fanciful dreams, her yearnings, and all her love. If it had wings it would pace the skies like an eagle, if it had a voice it would enchant like a nightingale. Her beauty is like the warmth of the sun which melts the ages of cold, unforgiving snow from the surface of the old hills. She shines in her beauty by herself. She doesn’t need anyone to look at her. Everyone sees because of her. Hers is an eternal beauty.

This song from Highway is a sublime rendition of Sant Kabir’s timeless couplets, which speak of knowing the true worth of a diamond. Few know what a true diamond is, fewer are able to appreciate its true beauty. This idea has been interwoven with the threads of the story of the movie, where we find a young girl who is truly beautiful in every respect but her own people fail to understand her.

The music has been rendered in a distinctive pahadi style. I can almost smell the cold, fresh mountain breeze as I hear it and I can almost visualize a beautiful Himachal landscape ascending in front of my eyes. It creates the perfect backdrop as the girl in the story moves through the hills and finds herself overwhelmed by their indescribable beauty. She knows the true beauty of the mountains. She sees it.

Link to the song:

The Lyrics:

Heera sohi saraahiye sahe ghanan ki chot
Kapat kurangee maanva parkhat nikra khot

Heera tahaan na kholiye jaha kunjadon ki haat
Sahaj ganthri maari ke lage apni baat

Heera para bajaar mein raha chhaar laptaye
Keetehi moorakh pachhe mohe koi paarakhi liya uthaaye

Line by line translation:

Praise only the diamond which bears the blow of a hammer
The deceptive are proved false when tried

Uncover not the diamond there where crude are assembled
Better is to tie the knot (over it) and wait

The diamond lay in the market covered in ash
Many an ignorant passed me by, the knower picked me.




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