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Phir raat kati aur din nikala

February 4, 2012

Meaning and Context:

Kathputli, or puppetry, is as old as the people of Rajasthan. For ages, Rajasthani people have used beautiful bright-coloured puppets to narrate folk tales to their children. These shows are still part of their melas (carnivals) and festivals, and are enjoyed by one and all. Phir raat kati is presented as a katputhli naach (dance of puppets) and is full of colour, humour and the characteristic vibrancy of Rajasthani people.

This song is from Amol Palekar’s Paheli, an adaptation of Vijayadan Detha’s award winning story Duvidha. The film relates a folktale about a ghost who falls in love with a merchant’s wife and impersonates her husband when the real husband is away for work. The film highlights the element of folk through the use of puppets as narrators. This song takes that thought further by presenting the players as puppets- for who are we but puppets on a stage.

The song is notable for its most accurate replication of Rajasthani puppetry. Everything- music, lyrics, set design, costumes, choreography and the players- create the most authentic Rajasthani experience. The song talks about how stories of love are told everyday and how these stories travel through time from one generation to another till eternity. Lovers come and go, but their love continues to live on in those who hear and tell their tale.

Link to the song:

Lyrics to the song:

Phir raat kati aur din nikla
Jab din nikla toh raat chadhi
Phir preet ki aaisi ding bandhi
Rab raakha beliya

Uthani par jab chaand chale
Aur chaand ke peeche raat chale
Aur taaron ki baarat chalen
Rab rakha beliya

Har raat kahani chalti hai
Kabhi hawa sunati hai baaten
Kabhi baat zubaani chalti hai
Rab rakha beliya

Deh ki reti ud jaavegi
Preet sada reh jaavegi
Arey samay gujar jaavega babu
Lok katha reh  jaavegi
Baat purani ho jaavegi
Naam sada reh jaavega
Arey maruthal mein baalu ho jab tak unka naam rahega

Arey bahut baras jab gujar gaye
Aur laakh chaand jab utar gaye
Peepal par ek padav hua
Aur phir janme ka chaav hua
Tabse har ek kahani mein
Woh aate hai aur jaate hai
Arey maruthal mein baalu ho jab tak unka naam rahega

Line by line translation:

Again the night passed, morning came
When morning came the night took over
Again a story of love was told
May God bless them

When the moon rides the back of a camel
And the night goes following the moon
And then follows the procession of stars
May God bless them

Every night a story goes around
Sometimes the wind tells the tale
Sometimes it goes by word of mouth
May God bless them

This body will blow away like sand
Love will always remain
Time will pass by
The folk tale will remain
The story may become old
Moral will always remain
Till there is sand in the desert their names will remain

When many years had gone by
And many moons had waned
A settlement under the Peepal
Celebrated the birth of a child
Since then in every story
They come and go
Till there is sand in the desert their names will remain


From → Des

  1. test12234 permalink

    Very nice post!

    I think the lyrics are:

    “Maruthal mein balu jab tak unka naam rahehga” – Till there’s sand in the desert shall their name last..

  2. Saket permalink

    your line “Arey mharo tan mein baal ho jab tak unka naam rahega” is incorrect and its translation is also incorrect. The actual line is: ” Arey Maruthal mein baalu jab tak unka naam rahega..” which means that ” Untill there is sand (baalu or baalu ret in hindi) in the desert (maruthal) their names will remain” The same word maruthal is used in another song of the same film. Its called “Kangna re kangna re”

    • Hi and thanks so much for pointing it out. I was myself quite unsure about this. Necessary changes will be made right away.
      Keep reading!

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