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February 3, 2012

The theme of “waiting for love” is quite recuring in folk music from all over India. This particular song, which comes from the snow capped mountains of Himachal, is one such song.

Snow is settling over the mountains. It seems like the coldness of a forsaken heart is being mirrored by nature. Everything in the valley is becoming quite numb. O beliya…. lautiyo ghara re…. come back home, oh dearest….for  the cold now is overwhelming.

The voice of Sukhwinder Singh has a unique resonance that gives his songs much depth and beauty. Here it evokes the image of a lonely soul slowly wandering in the valley and calling out to his dear one. The music, in the style of traditional ghadwali folk, has a haunting melody to it. Very soft, almost minimalistic music, primarily using reginoal instruments rebab and nuht, creates the perfect pahadi (hilly) mood.

Link to the song:

Lyrics to the song:

Parvato pe barfaan barfaan
Parvato pe thandi barfaan
Barsan laagi re…

O re beliya
Lautiyo ghara re…

Din chhote chhote ho gaye
Bachapan ki choli jaise
Udhada hi udhada jaye re

Raatein bhi lambi laage
Teri judaayi mein
Jaan ka tukada jaayein re

O re beliya
Lautiyo ghara re…

Chanda ka jantar deke
Raaton se maanga tujhko
Ab mere angana mein rahiyon

Pitar ki sukhi sukhi
Daari jalaayike rakho
Koseli haafo mein rahiyon

O re beliya
Lautiyo ghara re…


Line by line translation:

Snow, snow over the mountains
Cold snow over the mountains
Has began to fall

Oh dearest
Come back home

Days have become small
Like the cover of childhood
They keep unraveling

Nights seem longer
In your longing
Pieces of my life are falling apart

Oh dearest
Come back home

In return of the moon
I asked you from the night
Stay now in my courtyard

Dried branches of Pitar
Keep burning near you
Stay in its soothing warmth

Oh dearest
Come back home

  1. VB_Fanatic permalink

    Obviously me’s very late but I had to comment

    Aww, what a sweet haunting song. Kudos to Sukhi, Vishal and Gulzar for producing such soothing material. Who else but Vishal could do this!

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