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Pal pal hai bhari

January 24, 2012

Link to the song:

Meaning and Context:

The tradition of enacting the story of Ramayana is prevalent in many parts of India. There are numerous nataka mandalis (theatre groups) which organize the Rama-Leela every year where they present the story of Rama over the course of ten days. The presentation is highly dramatized. The presentation also varies from region to region, with each region having its own distinct, local flavour.

Since the viewership is massy, local crowd, the presentation is keeping in mind the popular demand. If the locals like to see the antics of the monkey army of the story, then there’s more of that, if they like to see Ravana and other demons get beaten up, then there’s more of that, and so on. Also, some theatre groups have actors who have been playing the same role for over many years. So much so, that they are locally known as that character. Such actors often carry a lot of gravity and audiences wait for their performances.

This annual performance of Ramayana is carried out during the month of Ashvin (September/October) simultaneous to the observance of Navaratri, the nine-day worship of Goddess Durga. After Durga Puja, on the tenth day, Dussehra is celebrated, which commemorates Rama’s victory over Ravana. Enormous effigies of Ravana are erected across cities and they are burnt when the Ravana is killed in the play being enacted by the theatre groups.

This is the setting of the song. In the movie Swades, it is presented as a dialogue between Rama’s wife, Sita, and Ravana, in whose captivity she lies. Sita is praying for the speedy arrival of Rama to rescue her. Ravana, as always, is telling her to forget Rama and accept him. She tells him he is no comparison to Rama. While Rama is the epitome of virtue, grace, and morality, Ravana is the embodiment of all vice and abomination. She tells him that Ravana still has chance to redeem himself by seeking Rama’s forgiveness or else he will meet his end.

Ravana asks her if Rama is so great, then why hasn’t he rescued her already? Where is he? On this note, the song turns to the movie’s protagonist who, in a moving verse, proclaims that Rama is everywhere, even in Ravana’s heart, but to see him, Ravana must give up his darkness. At this moment, Rama and his army enter, Ravana is overpowered, and the story ends. The message of the song is “one who eliminates Ravan from his heart, Ram is in his heart.”

Lyrics to the song:

Pal pal hai bhaari woh vipda hai ayi
Mohe bachaane ab aao raghu-raayi

Aao raghuveer aao, raghupati raam aao
More mann ke swaami, more shri raam aao
Raam raam japti hoon, sun lo mere raam aao
Raam raam jhapti hoon, sun lo meri raam ji

Baje satya ka danka
Jale paap ki lanka
Issi shan tum aao, mukt karaao
Sun bhi lo ab meri duhaai

Raam ko bhoolo ye dekho raavan aaya hai
Phaili saari shristi par jiski chhaaya hai

Kyu japti ho raam raam tum?
kyun leti ho raam naam tum?
Raam raam ka ratan jo tumne hai lagaaya, sita
Sita tumne hai raam mein aisa kya gun paaya?

Gin paayega unke gun koi kya, itne shabd hi kahaan hai
Pahonchega us shikhar pe kaun bhala mere raam ji jahaan hai
Jag mein sabse uttam hai, mariyaada purushottam hai
Sab se shakti-shaali hai, phir bhi rakhte sayam hai par
Par unke sayyam ki ab aane ko hai seema
Raavan samay hai, maang le kshama

Baje satya ka danka, jale paap ki lanka
Aaye raaja raam, kare ham pranaam
Sang laaye lakshman jaisa bhaai

Raam mein shakti agar hai, raam mein saahas hai to
Kyun nahi aaye abhi tak, woh tumhaari rakhsha ko?
Jinka varnan karne mein, thakti nahin ho tum yahaan
Ye bataao woh tumhaare raam hai is pal kahaan?

Raam hriday hai mein mere, raam bhi dhadhkan mein hai
Raam meri aatma mein, raam hi jeevan mein hai
Raam har pal mein hai mere, raam hai har swaas mein
Raam har aasha mein meri, raam hi har aas mein

Ho..raam hi toh karuna mein hai, shaanti mein raam hai
Raam hi hai ekta mein, pragati mein raam hai
Raam bas bhakton nahin shatru ke bhi chintan hai
Dekh taj ke paap raavan, raam tere mann mein hai
Raam tere mann mein hai, raam mere mann mein hai
Raam toh ghar ghar mein hai, raam har aangan mein hai
Mannse raavan jo nikaale, raam uske mann mein hai

Suno raamji aaye, gun raam ke gaaye
Raaja raamchandra aaye, shri raamchandra aaye

Line by line translation:

Each moment is heavy with dread
Come to my rescue Raghurayi (Ram)

Come Raghuveer (Ram), come Raghupati (Ram)
The lord of my heart, my Ram come
I chant your name Ram, please hear me and come
I chant your name Ram, please hear my Ram

May truth hold strong
May evil Lanka burn down
Come this moment, release me
Heed my pleading now

Forget Ram, look Ravan has come
Who shadows the entire universe

Why do you chant Ram’s name?
Why do you take his name?
The chanting of Ram’s name that you have started
Sita what goodness have you seen in him?

Would anyone be able to count his goodness, are there enough words
Who would be able to reach the summit where my Ram is
He is most superior in the world, he is dignity personified
He is the strongest of all, yet he keeps his calm
But his patience will soon come to an end
Ravan you have time, ask for forgiveness

May truth hold strong
May evil Lanka burn down
May Lord Ram come, we bow to him
And may he bring his brother Lakshman along

If Ram has power, and if he has courage
Why has he not come still to protect you?
Whom you tirelessly praise so
Tell me where is he at this moment?

Ram is in my heart and in my heartbeats
Ram is in my spirit and in my soul
Ram is in my every moment and in my each breath
Ram is in my hope and in my faith

Ram is in kindness and in peace
Ram is in unity and development
Ram is not only in the minds of his devotees but also of his enemies
Give up your sins and look Ravan, Ram is in your heart
Ram is in your heart, Ram is in my heart
Ram is in every home, Ram is in every courtyard
One who eliminates Ravan from his heart, Ram is in his heart

Ram has come, we praise him
Lord Ramchandra has come, Shri Ramchandra has come


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