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Naina milai ke

January 24, 2012

Meaning and Context:

The sangeet sandhya is where, before the wedding, the bride’s friends come together for an evening of song and dance. They tease the bride with many such songs as this sweet song from Shaad Ali’s Saathiya.

The girls in the song are saying that the groom tricked our poor friend into marrying him and he did so at the very first sight! The first line “jhuth kapat chal kinhi” is derived from stories of myth where the evil asur (sorcerer) would entrap a poor maid using ruse, ploy and pretence. They go on to say that in the end, the clever groom would blame the whole affair on the bride and would say it was her fault she fell! 🙂

Link to the song:

The Song:

Naina Milai ke
Mose Naina…Naina Milai ke…

Jhuth Kapat Chhal Kinhi
Mose Naina Milai ke
Palkon Mein Band Kar Linhi

Chikani Maati Vis Aangan Ki
Dhar Se Phisal Hay Dinhi
Saavan Mein Bulaaike

Sudh Budh Khoyi Hos Udai
Chu Mantar Kar Dinhi
Hamka Chuke Chuai ke

Dil Ki Kachahari Muqadama Chalaye
Haan Mujarim Hamein Kar Dinhi
Bina Rapat Likhai ke

Line by line translation:

Catching my eye…

Lying, pretending, tricking
He caught my eye
And closed me in them

Slippery was the  mud of his courtyard
With a bang I slipped!
He just had to call me in the monsoon!

I lost my sense and sensibility
He cast his spell over me
By touching me and making me touch him

As the heart’s court was running the case
He made me the culprit
Without even filing a complaint!


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