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Akele hum nadiya kinare

January 22, 2012


Meaning and conext:

This song from Raincoat is about the loneliness of virah. The poet imagines the soul of a lovelorn woman as stranded alone on a river bank. In an Indian village, it is customary for the women to fetch water from the river. It gives them a chance to socialize, and sometimes talk about their lovers. It is an image very often used in Indian poetry.

While all her sakhis (girl friends) have left for home, back to their lovers, the love-sick maid finds herself standing there all alone. She calls out to the majhi (the boatman) in the hope of finding some momentary comfort by sharing the condition of her heart. The solitary majhi, is the symbol of loneliness, and also of distant hope, as one day he may bring back the lover in his boat.

Link to the song:

The Song:

Shyam dhale hai
Sakhiya ab laut gayi saari
Akele hum nadiya kinare…

Majhi tora naam to bata
Phir kaise pukare tujhe, kaise pukare?
Akele hum nadiya kinare…

Line by line translation:

The evening is setting in
All the sakhis have returned
Alone I stand at the river bank

Majhi tell your name
How do I call you, oh how…?
Alone I stand at the river bank


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